The Meaningful Success Project


On our blog we explore what it takes to create meaningful success.

You will find posts on topics like:

– How to develop your own definition of success

– What specific behaviours have been shown to lead to career success

– New career paths that might give you more freedom and satisfaction

– How to avoid the traps of success

– How to overcome the internal blocks that get in the way of you taking important actions

– How to have holistic success – not just in your career but more broadly in your life.

What If Standard Career Advice Is Wrong?

If you want to have career success, then you need to have long term career goals, don't you? Standard advice says that if you want career success, then you need to decide where you want to be in your career in 10 years time and work out what you need to do in order to...

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Finding Your Passion By Inhaling Meaninglessness

Steve Hayes is a Professor in The Department of Psychology at The University of Reno, Nevada. Steve has been central to some important and ground breaking developments in psychology. In this interview we asked him some questions about success and passion. His...

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Todd Kashdan

Todd Kashdan is a Professor at George Mason University. He is also the author of a number of books including 'Curious' which Arianna Huffington said is 'One of those rare books that can make you rethink how you see the world'. He recently delivered a TEDx talk on...

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Danielle Duell, CEO of The Spicers Group

The Importance of Hard Work The research on success suggests that people who achieve career success have a significant period in their lives when they work very hard. Despite what you may read elsewhere, if you want to achieve success with a degree of integrity then...

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Tristan White, CEO of The Physio Co.

  We travelled to Melbourne to interview Tristan White. Tristan is an entrepreneur. He is CEO of The Physio Co, an organisation that provides physio services to people living in aged care facilities. According to BRW magazine, The Physio Co is the 8th best place...

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Kym Warner, CFO of the Coffee Club

  The Coffee Club is Australia’s largest home grown café group with over 270 stores across Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, New Caledonia and China, serving more than 40 million cups of coffee every year and employing more than 6,000 staff. Kym Warner is their...

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