The Meaningful Success Project


On our blog we explore what it takes to create meaningful success.

You will find posts on topics like:

– How to develop your own definition of success

– What specific behaviours have been shown to lead to career success

– New career paths that might give you more freedom and satisfaction

– How to avoid the traps of success

– How to overcome the internal blocks that get in the way of you taking important actions

– How to have holistic success – not just in your career but more broadly in your life.

Sue Scheinpflug, Not for Profit CEO

  Sue Scheinpflug has been the CEO of a number of not for profit organisations including United Synergies Ltd and The Australian Centre for Posttraumatic Mental Health (ACPMH) When Sue took on the role of CEO at United Synergies it was a small not-for-profit...

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What do you want your life to stand for? Values are intentional qualities of action that join together a string of moments into a meaningful path. Connecting to your values means deciding who you want to be and then making moment by moment choices that align with...

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Psychological Flexibility

Psychological flexibility is about your capacity to: take action in line with your values; even when painful thoughts and emotions are pushing you to back away treat your painful thoughts and feelings with compassion rather than reacting to them flexibly bring your...

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There are a number of definitions for mindfulness. The one we are using is about paying attention to our internal and external experiences with openness, curiosity and flexibility. Research has shown that people who take this open, curious and flexible approach to...

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Tristan White, CEO of The Physio Co.

  We travelled to Melbourne to interview Tristan White. Tristan is an entrepreneur. He is CEO of The Physio Co an organisation that provides physio services to people living in aged care facilities. According to BRW magazine, The Physio Co is the 8th best place...

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