What is the Meaningful Success Project?

This project came out of a question – is it possible to be successful in your career, be happy and live your values?

We looked for answers to this question in two places – a review of the research and our own interviews. We reviewed cutting edge research on:

  • Career success
  • Happiness, life satisfaction and wellbeing
  • Behaviour change

Plus we started our own informal research project. Interviewing people that we believe have found meaningful success, to see if the research applies in practice. We are trying and figure out what exactly they have done to achieve this success and how we can help you to apply it to your own life.

One of the things we noticed is that people who are happy in both their careers and their lives are generous. So we decided to make this information available for free.

Our Work

What If Standard Career Advice Is Wrong?

If you want to have career success, then you need to have long term career goals, don't you? Standard advice says that if you want career success, then you need to decide where you want to be in your career in 10 years time and work out what you need to do in order to...

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Who are we?

Rachel Collis

Rachel Collis

Rachel is an experienced executive and career coach.

She also teaches on the MBA program at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia

Patrick Self

Patrick Self


Patrick has been running his own marketing, web design and photography business since he was 16. He is also Rachel’s son.