We travelled to Melbourne to interview Tristan White. Tristan is an entrepreneur. He is CEO of The Physio Coan organisation that provides physio services to people living in aged care facilities. According to BRW magazine, The Physio Co is the 8th best place to work in Australia.

Smart Company has described Tristan as ‘one of Australia’s next generation of business leaders’

Tristan spoke about how he loves seeing people progress in their lives.

‘I love seeing, and hopefully helping, people perhaps take on extra responsibility that they may not have thought they could possibly do themselves. Then supporting them and helping them achieve things that they never thought possible.’

I asked what he does to create that outcome and he spoke about the importance of:

‘Listening closely, and giving them my full attention, and then asking questions, which will help them to, hopefully, see the possibilities and see the solutions for themselves.’

Tristan acknowledged that focusing in this way is actually quite difficult for him. As an entrepreneur his mind is often full of a thousand ideas which can make it hard for him to stay in the present.

But he knows that really listening and being present for people not only has an impact on them but it also dramatically improves the quality of his ideas as he turns them into reality.

My take away from this:

Being present with people. Really listening with curiosity to what they say is hard and it is worth it  – they benefit and you do too.